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Oud Bath Scrub - 4 oz.

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Oud Bath Scrub - 4 oz.

Packed with skin benefiting agarwood oils, your skin will glow (and smell divine) while relaxing the mind and body. It moisturizes AND exfoliates the skin. It is gentle on the skin, and best of all there is NO need for moisturizer after using this scrub!

For use: massage a handful of scrub into wet skin, rub in circular motions and let sit for a minute. Rinse scrub off and towel dry body, but be sure not to wipe off all that amazing moisture!  *avoid getting water in the scrub.

Available at our shop in 3 different scents:

- layla: a sweet + soft blend of agarwood, sandalwood, and florals
- amari: a modern sweet agarwood scent
- raeesa: a rich + complex bland of arabian rose and agarwood

An original shop beauBOXX product.

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